Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers' day 2012

On the eve of Mother's day, 
I want to thank my husband for making me a mum. 
I want to tell my surviving children that without them, 
I won't be a mum,
I want to tell my angel in heaven, without him, 
I won't be a bereaved mum. 
For all of you with surviving children, appreciate them. 
For those of you with angels, I shed a tear for you too.

I want to share Sarah's wise and comforting words. Sarah is a bereaved mother with many angels

Reminder of our Support group meeting tomorrow. With Mothers Day fast approaching, emotions can run higher than normal. It can be a very difficult day for those who don't have living children to wake up to, as well as those who do and are split between the joy of celebrating with those children and the heartbreak remembering the ones who should be with us but aren't. If you can't make the meeting - I wish you the kindest of days and hope that it is not too difficult.

Last week, I wrote that a group of bereaved mums chose last Sunday as International Bereaved Mothers Day. I tried to tell myself last night that I had my special day with Andrew. Tomorrow will be a special day to my surviving children. It is easier said than done. All our children will forever be in our hearts.

Happy Mothers' Day.

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