Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sands mums running in their babies memories.

I did this post for the Sunday Still meme this morning, and decided this should be on this blog too. Sands mums wear pink hearts and butterflies to the memory of their deceased babies we call angels. Here is Sarah Numan  who runs Sands Manukau 24 hours. She has 3 angels, Hope, Noah , Willow and 5 living living. 
A Sands mum, I should ask Sarah if this mum has two angels.
 The "feathers" that lined the course were flapping high.  "Run Sarah Run." This was 2010. She didn't run this year, but was there to man the stand.
 The finish line was pink.
 2010 stand, lots of pink things you can't see. They reach out to people in their greatest time of needs and give them support..
 2012, the words of their mission in their banners were pink
 The women who ran and the women who stayed at the stand. Sarah with Josie Apelu, Sonia Prasad, Nina Numan, Annie OChen and Heather Clark.
 Baby Loss Awareness (NZ),  makes goodies.

 Booties that our babies didn't wear and worn out. I keep a pair too for my Andrew.
 Stickers with names of our babies who had become angels., 2010. Look below, where Annie is standing, the heart is now covered with pink and blue stickers of our angels' names in 2012.

 The sky turned out a pink show.
For all the Sands mums, a cyber pink rose bud for you from me.

There is a group of very active women and men in Manukau in Greater Auckland who belong to a club I sadly belong to. It is the club of bereaved parents or Sands.  Like me, they are belong not my choice but by compulsion. Because they themselves had gone through the pain of losing their babies, they understand and are better to comfort other parents. These ladies do a lot more than other chapters. 

They took part in the Duathlon either by running or manning the stand at Ambury Regional Park at Mangere Bridge.

These are the photos I took from their Facebook during the 2010 and 2012 event.

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