Friday, May 25, 2012

Another mother buries her son, Robin Gibbs.

When Robin Gibbs fell into a coma, I read some one commented how sad it was for his mum, she had buried 2 sons and soon she would have to bury another. Sadly, this person's words came true. Robin died on Sunday. The Bee Gees are left with one singer.

On Monday, my students asked me again if I felt sad that Andrew died. They are  H & F , siblings of Sanele. Teevao buried her son who was killed by an idiot who had lost his drivers license. Sanele was only 17.

I told H & F that I often think of their late brother. They asked if I really think of him? I tell them, I drive past the spot every day, where he was killed and I see the flowers they put up for him. I say a prayer for all the family. For H & F are not my only students, I taught their older brother and sister, and their mum Teevao is like a friend.

They are Pasifika Samoans, but they always tell me they are Chinese, their great grand ma was Chinese.

In New Zealand, sometimes along the road, you can see little white crosses and flowers. Bereaved loved ones place these there to remind people not to be reckless.  

One of the most idiotic thing some one did was to steal the bicycle of a British tourist who died on our roads. Her friends tied it to a chain to the light pole. I saw it when I was running round the bays. Even dead people's things are not spared by callous people.

H and F tell me that they often have to put new flowers up. Some idiots remove them.

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